Vaughn Miller Explains Unique Facts About Polo

When he isn’t busy fulfilling his duties as president and CEO of commercial real estate development and mixed-used properties firm VCM Development, Vaughn Miller enjoys playing Polo. As a passionate Polo player, Vaughn Miller of Dallas is involved in the sport in every way possible. Aside from playing, Vaughn Miller is also the president of the Prestonwood Polo Club and a member of the United States Polo Association. In fact, Vaughn Miller of Dallas has even coached the Prestonwood Polo Interscholastic Team as well as TCU’s Women’s Intercollegiate Polo Team.

“Polo really gives me a chance to relax and take my mind off of real estate,” says Vaughn Miller of Dallas, TX. “Plus, it’s just fun – you can’t beat it!” As one of the most exclusive sports in the United States, very little is known about Polo. Vaughn Miller of Dallas finds himself answering many similar questions time and time again.

For instance, a popular question that Vaughn Miller of Dallas hears is “Why do Polo players wear white pants?” According to Vaughn Miller, this tradition dates back to the origin of the games in India, where the game was popular among nobility and British officers stationed there. Because of the heat, the Polo players wore light colors and because of the stature of the people playing, it has always been a fashionable sport.

Another consideration that Vaughn Miller of Dallas and other Polo players must deal with is grooming for the horses. Manes and tails must be shaved, as they can pose dangerous hazards in the sport by becoming entangled with the players’ mallets during the game. Shaving is a very humane technique that is used to protect both the horse and the player, says Vaughn Miller. With so much going on in the sport of Polo, Vaughn Miller of Dallas really enjoys the time to get away and relish such a fast-paced and exhilarating sport.


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