Why Vaughn Miller Joined the NAR

Throughout his career, Vaughn Miller of Dallas, TX, has maintained his membership with the National Association of Realtors. Though his career has blossomed since first joining the real estate industry in 1986, has maintained his NAR membership. “Being a member of your trade organization has numerous benefits that help you throughout the course of your career,” says Vaughn Miller of Dallas. With over 7,800 trade associations in the United States, Vaughn Miller encourages professionals to join their own trade organization for the benefit of their craft, industry, and career.


Even now that he’s the President and CEO of VCM Development Group, Vaughn Miller has maintained his membership with the NAR. According to Vaughn Miller of Dallas, being a member of a trade association provides many benefits including but not limited to:


  • Opportunities of leadership. For those seeking executive management positions in their industry or company, joining the trade association is a great way to expose yourself to opportunities for leadership, says Vaughn Miller of Dallas. Being active in a trade association truly showcases interest and passion in a brand. Though Vaughn Miller hasn’t personally been able to take leadership responsibilities with the NAR because of the demands of his career, he hopes others strongly consider using a trade association to build experience.
  • Updated knowledge. Often times, joining a trade association means an automatic subscription to a magazine or newsletter, says Vaughn Miller of Dallas. This access to information keeps you updates on the latest practices – and even professional opportunities in the industry! In fact, many trade organizations host yearly conferences that focus on the art of their craft.

Networking opportunities. One of the reasons that Vaughn Miller of Dallas joined the National Association of Realtors is because of the opportunity to network with other people. Since networking opens professional opportunities and allows professional growth, Vaughn Miller tries to network whenever possible


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