Vaughn Miller Lives Up to Real Estate Legacy

Vaughn Miller is the son of Dallas real estate legend Vance C. Miller. Being the son of such a mogul would be intimidating for many professionals, but for Vaughn Miller, it’s an inspiration to work harder than anyone else around him. As the president and CEO of VCM Development Group, Vaughn Miller is following in the footsteps of his father as a real estate leader in Dallas, TX. Vaughn Miller is successful in commercial real estate development and brokerage.


To live up to his father’s reputation, Vaughn Miller of Dallas learned from his father first hand. When he first entered the industry in 1986, Vaughn Miller joined his father at Vance C. Miller Interests. By working alongside his father, Vaughn Miller was able to learn industry insights, techniques, and wisdom that have really shaped the way he conducts business. These strategies make Vaughn Miller of Dallas a recognizable force as he develops retail and mix-used property throughout north Texas.


Throughout his early career, Vaughn Miller kept intertwining paths with his father. They worked together to establish a Vance C. Miller Development Group that would focus on single-tenant retail property development. By 1994, Vaughn Miller of Dallas and his father would merge with Newmarket Grunnah-Cole Worth, which at the time was the largest independent firm in Texas.


By working alongside his father, Vaughn Miller of Dallas was able to network with many of the key players throughout Dallas and the greater north Texas region. With over 27 years of real estate experience under his belt, Vaughn Miller of Dallas is an effective leader of VCM Development Group as he tried to live up to his father’s legacy. While Vaughn Miller and his father have different ways they conduct themselves and various aspects of their business, what Vaughn Miller wants to always maintain is that ethical sense of business, leadership, and authority.


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