Vaughn Miller Credits Father for Real Estate Success

As the son of Dallas real estate legend Vance C. Miller, Vaughn Miller has developed a successful real estate career of his own throughout the city and the greater north Texas region. When he started in 1986, Vaughn Miller decided to join his father at Vance C. Miller Interests. This move would turn out to be one of the key moves that would seal Vaughn Miller’s position as an influential force in real estate. By deciding to work with his father at the beginning of his career, Vaughn Miller was able to view his father as not only his dad, but a professional mentor as well. By working alongside his father in the industry, Vaughn Miller was able to gain the insight that’s led him to widespread success today.


“If there’s one piece of advice I would give to young professionals today, it would be to find a mentor,” says Vaughn Miller of Dallas. Indeed, there are many benefits of having a mentor in your field. According to Vaughn Miller, some of the most prevalent benefits include:


  • Support and motivation. Because the mentor has experienced the industry first-hand and knows what it takes to achieve success, they can provide support and motivation in ways that a college textbook can’t. Furthermore, they’re also a great source for networking opportunities, says Vaughn Miller of Dallas, Texas.
  • Professional growth. By learning real estate industry secrets through his father, Vaughn Miller was about learn at a pace that was most beneficial for him. In other words, mentors can help you determine how quickly you can grow.

Industry secrets. The biggest key to finding a mentor is so that they can teach you what they’ve learned, says Vaughn Miller of Dallas. Practical industry secrets and pieces of practical wisdom aren’t something that is learned from the books. Instead, this is passed on from person to person


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