Vaughn Miller Balances Real Estate with Philanthropy

At the age of 51, Vaughn Miller of Dallas, TX, balances multiple responsibilities. As the president and CEO of VCM Development Group, Vaughn Miller is in charge of running one of the largest commercial real estate firms in the region. Vaughn Miller of Dallas has worked on major projects including Little Elm Towne Crossing, Pepper Square Shopping Center, and Valley View Market, all of which are in North Dallas.


Aside from his professional endeavors in real estate, however, Vaughn Miller of Dallas is also known for his philanthropic organization. Vaughn Miller and his wife founded the Prestonwood Polo Foundation to raise money through Polo sporting events for charitable causes. The money has been used to fund organizations such as Family Gateway, Project Transformation, and Wipe Out Kids’ Cancer.


While both these responsibilities take a lot of Vaughn Miller’s time, he’s able to balance everything together. “It’s all about priority,” says Vaughn Miller of Dallas. “When you’re able to prioritize what’s important in your life, it’s so much easier to find the energy and time to fulfill all of your responsibilities.”


To balance both his professional leadership with VCM Development Group alongside his philanthropic leadership, Vaughn Miller of Dallas ensures that he’s focused on all his tasks. “Once you prioritize, you have to work on efficiency. Being more efficient or productive with your time in one area of your real really pays off in another,” says Vaughn Miller of Dallas.


Furthermore, Vaughn Miller’s authentic dedication to philanthropy and helping others is a way of life that was developed during his years as an Eagle Scout. As a real estate professional, Vaughn Miller of Dallas is dedicated to helping people accomplish their needs. “When helping others is the way you live, it’s easy to balance it in everything you do,” says Vaughn Miller.


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