Vaughn Miller Lives Up to Real Estate Legacy

Vaughn Miller is the son of Dallas real estate legend Vance C. Miller. Being the son of such a mogul would be intimidating for many professionals, but for Vaughn Miller, it’s an inspiration to work harder than anyone else around him. As the president and CEO of VCM Development Group, Vaughn Miller is following in the footsteps of his father as a real estate leader in Dallas, TX. Vaughn Miller is successful in commercial real estate development and brokerage.


To live up to his father’s reputation, Vaughn Miller of Dallas learned from his father first hand. When he first entered the industry in 1986, Vaughn Miller joined his father at Vance C. Miller Interests. By working alongside his father, Vaughn Miller was able to learn industry insights, techniques, and wisdom that have really shaped the way he conducts business. These strategies make Vaughn Miller of Dallas a recognizable force as he develops retail and mix-used property throughout north Texas.


Throughout his early career, Vaughn Miller kept intertwining paths with his father. They worked together to establish a Vance C. Miller Development Group that would focus on single-tenant retail property development. By 1994, Vaughn Miller of Dallas and his father would merge with Newmarket Grunnah-Cole Worth, which at the time was the largest independent firm in Texas.


By working alongside his father, Vaughn Miller of Dallas was able to network with many of the key players throughout Dallas and the greater north Texas region. With over 27 years of real estate experience under his belt, Vaughn Miller of Dallas is an effective leader of VCM Development Group as he tried to live up to his father’s legacy. While Vaughn Miller and his father have different ways they conduct themselves and various aspects of their business, what Vaughn Miller wants to always maintain is that ethical sense of business, leadership, and authority.


Vaughn Miller Celebrates Philanthropy Efforts

Real estate mogul Vaughn Miller of Dallas, TX, has been highly involved in philanthropic efforts throughout his career. Both he and his wife are associated with many charities throughout Dallas and North Texas. “We both realized that we wanted to play a more direct, more hands-on role in charity,” says Vaughn Miller of Dallas, “so we decided to found the Prestonwood Polo Foundation.” The organization allows Vaughn Miller and his wife to raise money throughout yearlong polo events. The funds raised or donated to worthwhile charities selected by Vaughn Miller of Dallas and his wife.

These charities include Family Gateway, which focuses on ending childhood homeless and providing homes to young family that needs them. Another charity that Vaughn Miller of Dallas and his wife donate to is Project Transformation, which is a ministry focused on giving youth the opportunity to get involved in church as well as their local communities. Vaughn Miller and his wife have also donated to Wipe Out Kids’ Cancer.

Regardless of the organization, Vaughn Miller of Dallas notes the importance of giving back to the local community through charity. At the age of 51, Vaughn Miller is proud to be able to give back to the community and ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity for success and growth. Though he’s extremely busy with his responsibilities as president and CEO of VCM Development Group, Vaughn Miller of Dallas is able to balance his life by placing his priorities first.

“People often ask me how I have the time to do everything that I do,” says Vaughn Miller. “The secret is priority. It’s all about priority – and community service will always be a priority for me.” As he continues growing his career, Vaughn Miller of Dallas looks forward to future opportunities for service in the city and greater community.

Why Vaughn Miller Joined the NAR

Throughout his career, Vaughn Miller of Dallas, TX, has maintained his membership with the National Association of Realtors. Though his career has blossomed since first joining the real estate industry in 1986, has maintained his NAR membership. “Being a member of your trade organization has numerous benefits that help you throughout the course of your career,” says Vaughn Miller of Dallas. With over 7,800 trade associations in the United States, Vaughn Miller encourages professionals to join their own trade organization for the benefit of their craft, industry, and career.


Even now that he’s the President and CEO of VCM Development Group, Vaughn Miller has maintained his membership with the NAR. According to Vaughn Miller of Dallas, being a member of a trade association provides many benefits including but not limited to:


  • Opportunities of leadership. For those seeking executive management positions in their industry or company, joining the trade association is a great way to expose yourself to opportunities for leadership, says Vaughn Miller of Dallas. Being active in a trade association truly showcases interest and passion in a brand. Though Vaughn Miller hasn’t personally been able to take leadership responsibilities with the NAR because of the demands of his career, he hopes others strongly consider using a trade association to build experience.
  • Updated knowledge. Often times, joining a trade association means an automatic subscription to a magazine or newsletter, says Vaughn Miller of Dallas. This access to information keeps you updates on the latest practices – and even professional opportunities in the industry! In fact, many trade organizations host yearly conferences that focus on the art of their craft.

Networking opportunities. One of the reasons that Vaughn Miller of Dallas joined the National Association of Realtors is because of the opportunity to network with other people. Since networking opens professional opportunities and allows professional growth, Vaughn Miller tries to network whenever possible

Vaughn Miller Explains Unique Facts About Polo

When he isn’t busy fulfilling his duties as president and CEO of commercial real estate development and mixed-used properties firm VCM Development, Vaughn Miller enjoys playing Polo. As a passionate Polo player, Vaughn Miller of Dallas is involved in the sport in every way possible. Aside from playing, Vaughn Miller is also the president of the Prestonwood Polo Club and a member of the United States Polo Association. In fact, Vaughn Miller of Dallas has even coached the Prestonwood Polo Interscholastic Team as well as TCU’s Women’s Intercollegiate Polo Team.

“Polo really gives me a chance to relax and take my mind off of real estate,” says Vaughn Miller of Dallas, TX. “Plus, it’s just fun – you can’t beat it!” As one of the most exclusive sports in the United States, very little is known about Polo. Vaughn Miller of Dallas finds himself answering many similar questions time and time again.

For instance, a popular question that Vaughn Miller of Dallas hears is “Why do Polo players wear white pants?” According to Vaughn Miller, this tradition dates back to the origin of the games in India, where the game was popular among nobility and British officers stationed there. Because of the heat, the Polo players wore light colors and because of the stature of the people playing, it has always been a fashionable sport.

Another consideration that Vaughn Miller of Dallas and other Polo players must deal with is grooming for the horses. Manes and tails must be shaved, as they can pose dangerous hazards in the sport by becoming entangled with the players’ mallets during the game. Shaving is a very humane technique that is used to protect both the horse and the player, says Vaughn Miller. With so much going on in the sport of Polo, Vaughn Miller of Dallas really enjoys the time to get away and relish such a fast-paced and exhilarating sport.