Over Two Decades of Real Estate Knowledge Possessed by Vaughn Miller


Vaughn Miller is proud to have followed in his father’s real estate investment footsteps. His personal real estate career began in 1986 when he joined Vance C. Miller Interests. Vaughn Miller became vice president of the company and together they formed Vance C. Miller Development Group to develop single retail properties. It is VCM Development Group that Vaughn Miller heads as president today.

In Vaughn Miller’s earliest years, he headed the commercial brokerage operation, as well as the firm’s marketing and leasing of over 300,000 square feet of retail projects. In 1990, Vaughn Miller joined Henry S. Miller/Grubb & Ellis. With plenty of experience leasing retail projects, Vaughn Miller became the Vice President of the Retail Properties Division.

Vaughn Miller spent three years as the vice president of his department until 1993, when he, along with his father, restarted the Henry S. Miller Commercial of Henry S. Miller Realtors. The commercial branch furthered Vaughn Miller’s experience and expertise in the field of commercial real estate. Vaughn Miller served as the commercial division’s Senior Vice President and grew the commercial division to 17 retail brokers in the areas of Dallas and Houston, Texas.

In 1994, Vaughn Miller merged to create Miller Commercial, which became the largest commercial real estate firm in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. On top of being the area’s largest commercial firm, Miller Commercial became the largest independent firm in Texas. Vaughn Miller was very proud of his accomplishments in less than a decade’s time.

From 1994 to 2013, Vaughn Miller continued his tradition in commercial real estate by heading the retail division of Henry S. Miller Companies. A credit to his years of hard work and experience, Vaughn Miller was consistently recognized as the firm’s top producer. From the beginning of his career in 1986 to as recently as 2013, Vaughn Miller focused on retail real estate and commercial projects.



Years Invested by Vaughn Miller into Polo

Playing sports is good for the body and soul. Vaughn Miller has a favorite sport. While some people are lucky if they ever see a horse, Vaughn Miller gets to ride them regularly as a polo player. Not only does Vaughn Miller play polo, but he is also a polo instructor.

For twenty years, Vaughn Miller has been a member of the United States Polo Association. As an outdoor activity, Vaughn Miller believes that it is a very prestigious sport that differs from the rough and tumble of other sports. However, Vaughn Miller is not afraid to get his hands dirty and participated in the Boy Scouts of America as an Eagle Scout.

Vaughn Miller is very active in polo and as an instructor he needs enthusiasm to coach well. For five years, Vaughn Miller has led the Preston Polo Club in Oak Point as the organization’s president. Vaughn Miller spent one year as the Head Coach of TCU Women’s Intercollegiate Polo Team and is currently Head Coach of the Prestonwood Polo Interscholastic Team, which has been the Central Region Champion for 2 years.

Vaughn Miller loves taking time out to play polo. When Vaughn Miller is not playing, he is either working as President and CEO of VCM Development Group or spending time with family. In the spirit of philanthropy, Vaughn Miller, together with Dena Miller, created the Prestonwood Polo Foundation to raise money for charity through polo. Vaughn Miller is the foundation’s president and hopes that the money raised through the foundation can help charities like Project Transformation, Wipe out Kids Cancer, Family Gateway, and more. Vaughn Miller has been very active in helping charities throughout north Texas. Vaughn Miller, together with his wife, organizes polo events to raise money for the local charities they support. Vaughn Miller is proud to use his love for polo to help others in need.